Monday, 25 June 2012



Since the beginning of time, the question of life has always been the favourite theme of man. 

For many, life (as far as they are concerned) consists of who they spend it with; without a partner there is no life just a mere existence. Hence the absence of that loved one is considered anguish. Live not exist.

Every lover’s sentiment is seen expressed in writings or perhaps in texting  to the agony of separation albeit an hour, a week or perhaps months. When they are absent from each other, time just seem to lag on endlessly  as the minutes become a painful reality, stretching into endless hours.
Thus making their existence a burden, only being kept alive by the sweet hope of meeting their loved one once again.

For some it is the age factor; many can be heard echoing the saying "life begins at forty ".  On the other hand there is probably no other word that gives rise to so much indirectness and as some would say white lies. With the age factor, anything forty years and onward seem to scream old, as the beauty of youth vanishes with time before they knew it.

Life as described in the dictionary as “The time for which something exists or functions.” As well as “The physical, mental, and spiritual experiences that constitute existence." Hence why for many the term the good life is experienced only by the wealthy, suggesting that unless one is rich one cannot experience what life truly is.

Many quotes have been written about life, a few as listed below have not failed to echo the sentiments of human existence.

"We attract hearts by the qualities we display; we maintain them by the qualities we possess."   "Life is filled with more questions than answers." "Life with its privileges and endowments is God's gift." “Truths are unpleasant because they require self-denial and self-sacrifice in life.” “Truth is ... always lovely, to those who live the truth; therefore buy the truth and do not sell it!”

“Christian principles in every department of business and religious life will have the inexpressible advantage, for they will enter the Paradise of God as conquerors." Let us become aware of all our shortcomings, and put our heart into the present; living it to the fullest. Realizing that the sooner our shortcomings are acknowledged, the sooner we will overcome them. 

Above all use our time in this life to do our duty each day, doing it cheerfully and unselfishly. Then we will be rewarded with joy and peace, minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day. May we seek always to show kindness, passing it on by speaking kindly to all, doing kind things when we can and by not retaliating when others do or say unkind things.

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