Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Many today take pleasure in drinking alcohol; they think that those who abstain from strong drink are boring; however we have seen the sorrow that has resulted too.  Broken homes as a result of their partners addiction to strong drink, many are still grieving the loss of loved ones because someone decides it is okay to drive in a drunken state. Much alcohol is readily available to all who desires it; some thinks it is the drink created to destroy humanity.

The unfermented wine, or the pure juice of the grape, was used as beverage from earliest time. The pure grape juice was regarded as a choice drink, because of its medicinal properties. It is drink which cheers God and man, and gladdens the heart. But the fermented wine, we are instructed to stay away from it, as it has the ability to enslave us. Without a doubt we know and it is clear for all to see that all drunkards will come to poverty, and sorrow and contention will not be far from those who love strong drink.

Strong drink is known as fermented drink; fermentation is a sign of death, which often happens for those who lose the ability to control their intake. Alcohol is formed by a process of fermentation; though many enjoy it as a social drink, which they claim relaxes and brings enjoyment; it can also be said of it, that destruction follows in the wake of the greedy, and death to those who are conquered by it.

The Bible refers to wine as a mocker; referring to fermented grape juice, because that is what it is, a mocker” (Prov. 20:1) and a “deceiver” to its unsuspected victim. The kind of drink which when used can cause one to lose all sense of modesty; the result of which the victim errs not only in vision but in judgement.

May we exercise caution whether we eat or drink or whatsoever we do, and may we do all to the glory of our Creator.  The value of insruction lies in the use of it.

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