Sunday, 1 December 2013


Sympathy is a divine gift from above, and none should think that expressing sympathy to those in need will not be rewarded greatly neither should any think that sympathy given is wasted.

When we see others in despair or bowed down in grief should we not be compassionate? The little deeds we do towards others can make such a difference in their life, sometimes it can alter the course of their lives.

Acts of kindness are the special blessings of life, and are recognized in heaven by Him who commanded us to love one another. One aspect of sympathy is that of pity—pity for the distressed or pain stricken, with a desire to alleviate or help them in their sufferings. The world needs more of this divine quality. “For pity makes the world soft to the weak, and noble for the strong.”

Another form of sympathy is that of rejoicing with others, for loving one another means sharing each other's joy, and rejoicing with them when they rejoice.  

Sympathy is friendship without such we cannot experience the blessings of God when he reminds us give and it shall be given unto you. We are admonished to be kindly affectionate, forgiving one another even as God has forgiven us. The bond of friendship is a closeness to each other, trusting each other, this allows for the development of interactional skills, which are an important part of our social well being. Friendships are vital to our existence as it helps to buffer us in times of stress and loss.

Let us pray that God will give us insight, day by day and help us to practice goodwill towards all; that we may recognise wisdom as showing kindness to each other. May we through the divine gift that God has extended to all find unbroken gentleness, possess an enduring patience, inspiring  lowliness, and courtesy, may we love as He loved may we show a deep and abounding sympathy towards all in need.

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