Tuesday, 5 January 2016


As the New Year looms ahead of us, we must be aware that time will test us all. We should be aware that hidden behind every moment of time, every minute; hour, day and month is a chapter in a book; unwritten but filled with possibilities.

We can begin again, a fresh start. Give birth to your dreams through each change you make, every decision, every vow you make every step you take. Remember you plus Christ equals happiness and success. 

Take that leap of faith and walk with God.  He knows the way, and you will not regret it. Learn from your past but don't dwell on it. The truth is we don't know what will happen tomorrow, but we know who holds tomorrow and He is able to see us through.

 As you forge ahead, forgive those who have wronged you, for why should you go through life burdened, when you do not have to? 

Remember it is in forgiving that you are forgiven. Share what you have with others; it will only lead to more blessings in your life. Smile a lot; it will do your heart good. Strive to improve yourself in all the areas you need to, character building is important as you move forward.

Do not be mindful of those who criticize you, use it for your good, learn from it, and thank them for it, for without it you would not rise higher.

As the troubles come, and they will come, trust to the God who made all things including you, recognise that He is able to make all things new, able to make the impossible possible.

When life becomes too much to bear you pray and allow the great I Am to bear your heavy burden.  It is He who promised to give you rest.”

Be grateful He is willing and able to bear all your burdens as well as give you strength to go on in the difficult times. Many have walked this way before, therefore a word from the wise should be sufficient. Whatever your anxieties; whatever your obstacles, spread out your case before Him for He is able. 

It can be a cold world and for many it becomes sink or swim but it doesn't have to be that way for all those who choose to trust the one who holds the universe in His hand.

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