Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Prayer Quotes #7

"If in your distress and helplessness you look to Jesus. Pleading the merits of His blood, the compassionate Redeemer listens to the earnest, persevering prayer of faith and sends to your deliverance a reinforcement of angels that excel in strength."
"At the sound of fervent praying, the hosts of darkness tremble."

"Satan is ready to insinuate that prayer is a mere form and avails nothing. He cannot bear to have his powerful rival appealed to."

"If you expect salvation, you must pray."

"Take time. Be not hurried and careless in your prayers. Intercede with God to work in you a thorough reformation."

"Every petition that is offered to God in faith and with a true heart will be answered. Such prayer is never lost."

"Take time to pray. And as you pray, believe that God hears you; have faith mixed with your prayers. Let faith take hold of the blessing, and it is yours..."

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