Wednesday, 16 November 2011


The king went to bed and had a dream, when he awoke he could not remember the dream. So he called all the magicians to tell him what the dream was about, they could not tell him. He called the Astrologers, they could not help him. He called the sorcerers to tell him, they could not either. So finally he called the philosophers, they too were unable to help him. Dreams we are told are successions of images, ideas, emotions and sensations, that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

The Magicians used all the superstitious rites available to him, that did not work, the astrologer read all the stars, studied all the sciences available, he could not help him. The Sorcerer had a séance, communicating with the dead this did not work,the philosophers whose study was natural sciences and divination they could not help. All these professionals, were present, the result desired by each was the same.

Now this dream was very important to the king. Even though the king's request was   an impossible one, he expected an answer from these men; After all, these men were his councillors or should we say his advisors, they ought to know they are the best in their field. Now we have a desperate struggle between the wise men and the king. Was the king being unreasonable in expecting so much of these professionals? Consider this, they could read the stars, they were fortune tellers, they are able to communicate with the dead. Should this not be all the more reason for them to help Him?

I will not justify the king’s action in condemning them to die, because of their inability to tell him his dream but I will say I agree with him for despising them for their pretence. The king hates deception especially when he is the one being deceived.

What about your dream? Have you ever had a dream and forget it when you awake? Do you think dreams are significant? Follow me as I explore more of the man and his dream.


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